Exercise 2 – The Singing Revolution




















The Singing Revolution is a series of events between 1987 and 1991 that led to the restoration of the independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from the Soviet Union. It is known as the most famous revolution with no bloodshed. One of the most well known peaceful political demonstration during that time is the Baltic Way, where over 2 million people joined hands from Tallinn to Vilnius representing the unity between Baltic countries.





Research and ideas for group film.


We decided to do my idea for our group film.

A Story of Defiance

Estonia’s Singing Revolution

Singing Revolution First Hand Account

Materials, notes and images for the practice presentation.

Singing Revolution- Past and Present

Song as resistance

The Singing Revolution – Centre for Creative Healing

The Singing Revolution history

The Singing Revolution extra

Final film

Trauma Film: Notes on Walker, J. (2001) ‘Trauma cinema: false memories and true experience’, in Radstone, S. (ed.) ‘Special Debate: Trauma and Screen Studies’, Screen vol 42.2, Summer, pps.188-216.


Prosthetic Memory: Notes on Landsberg, A. (1995) ‘Prosthetic Memory: Total Recall and Blade Runner‘ in Featherstone, M. and Burrows, R. (eds) Cyberspace/Cyberbodies/Cyberpunk: Cultures of Technological Embodiment. London: Sage.