Project C “Long Take”

Individual Proposal 

My long take “A Moment in Time” will show a brief moment between two lovers and their complex feelings towards one-another, I plan to show love, jealousy, hate, anger and forgiveness through body language and facial expressions. All the characters body language will incorporate classical theatre and Silent drama acting techniques. Taking inspiration from films such as Cabiria (1914) as well as Love (1927), i’ve chosen these films as I believe they capture elements that I want to portray in my long take, the way they use body language and facial expressions to enhance the story particularly intrigues me as together they give more depth to the story than, I believe, dialogue could.
My main inspiration out of these two films is Love (1927) as it more accurately depicts the feelings I desire to get across to the audience, it’s use of long takes at medium-close up shots to clearly show facial expressions is something I want to incorporate into “A Moment in Time” I used David Bordwell & Kristin Thompson Film Art: An Introduction Chapter 5 The Shot: Cinematics to understand the function of a long take and how it is incorporated in both early cinema and in modern cinema, for example the chapter goes into detail how “With the emergence of continuity editing in the period 1905–1916, shots became shorter.” and how that effected cinema and the long take. Also in chapter 5 it talks about how the mise en scene is important for long takes and how it can “guide our scanning of the frame.” directing the spectators attention to important objects or characters in the frame or allow spectators to take in everything within the frame.


Bordwell, D. and Thompson, K. (2001). Film Art: An Introduction 10th ed. New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies, pp.211-214.


Love. (1927). Directed by Edmund Goulding [Film] USA: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Cabiria. (1914). Directed by Giovanni Pastrone [Film] Italy: Itala Film

Project C “Nuk Soo”:

Synopsis: Nuk Soo (meaning warrior) is a short film about the meditating and calming effects of boxing. In this film, a boxer unloads his everyday worries by physical exercise and is ‘reborn’. Film is set in a gym, features only the boxer and a boxing bag.

Production Stills and editing:



Editing volume levels


Panning voice audio


Stills from filming


Stills from filming







Production schedule:



Production Roles:

Creator, director, camera – Remmi

Backstage – Miraj

Editing – Zak

Other crew – Michael, Bella



Bordwell, David & Thompson, Kristin (2001) Film Art: An Introduction (8th edition)

Katz, Steven D. (1991) Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from concept to screen 


Touch of Evil (Orson Wells, 1958)

Hunger (Steve McQueen, 2008)

Children of Men (Alfonso Cuarón, 2006)

Werckmeister Harmonies ( Béla Tarr, 2000)

Victoria (Sebastian Schipper, 2015)

Love. (1927). Directed by Edmund Goulding [Film] USA: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Cabiria. (1914). Directed by Giovanni Pastrone [Film] Italy: Itala Film

Other research:

Final Project:



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